By: JM VanZuiden

On Wednesday night, the Veterans Assistance Commission of Sangamon County conducted its quarterly Board of Directors meeting at their offices in Springfield. In an extraordinary meeting, three resolutions were passed in an event which is quite uncommon for the VAC Board, where, for many years, it’s been business as usual.

Beginning with the appointment of current Superintendent, Dane K. Shaffer in 2020, the VAC has undergone rapid modernization along with similar growth in the number of Veterans assisted and corresponding benefits awarded. In step with all these changes has been a complete re-analysis of the way the VAC operates which has culminated in everything from enhanced disability claims services to modernized information security and in this case, VAC personnel reconfiguration.

In short, two of the three resolutions revolved around modernizing and bringing in-line both the pay structure and employee organization of the VAC with other comparable VACs as well as the State of IL itself. To reach the decisions codified in these resolutions, the VAC has spent months analyzing data, investigating legislation, and consulting experts to include legal assistance.

Unrelated to the VAC itself and at the behest of the State of Illinois VFW, the Board voted on and passed a resolution for establishing a Dept. of Veterans Affairs “Super CBOC.” A CBOC is the VA abbreviation for Community Based Outpatient Clinic. The “Super” designator is for VA Clinics which offer expanded services such as Audiology, Optometry, X-Ray, and more. Presently, the outstanding team located at the regular Springfield CBOC is at a point where they have physically run out of space and have a patient case-load which more than necessitate expanded facilities and services.

The official resolutions can be downloaded on the VAC website at:

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