Relating to the Establishment of a “Super CBOC”

WHEREAS, the Veterans Assistance Commission of Sangamon County (VAC) is an independent unit of local government under the Illinois State Constitution (Article VII, Section 1) and subordinate legislation therein (305 ILCS 5/2-14);

WHEREAS, the VAC is the legally authorized representative of the needs of Veterans residing within the boundaries of Sangamon County (330 ILCS 45/9);

WHEREAS, the city of Springfield, IL is the administrative capital of the State of Illinois;

WHEREAS, the city of Springfield, IL is the approximate center of the State of Illinois;

WHEREAS, the city of Springfield, IL is the approximate halfway point between all regional VA hospitals;

WHEREAS, veteran population is greater than that of other cities containing “Super CBOCs” within the Illiana VAMC;

WHEREAS, the VAC has determined a great need for expanded VA healthcare in the local community;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the VAC along with the community of Veterans for whom it represents, endorses and otherwise demands the occupation or construction of a facility with the appropriate staff as to be considered a VA “Super Community Based Out-patient Clinic (CBOC),” within the city of Springfield, IL;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the Department of Veterans Affairs should notify the VAC, acting on behalf of the Veterans of this County, as to a proposed timeline of action in no less than 90 days from the date of this resolution.


Given this day, October 19, 2022, in Springfield Illinois, at the VAC offices located at 901 S. 11th St., during a scheduled, public and open meeting of the Board of Directors, Electors, and general public, with an effective date of 31 October 2022.

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