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Veteran Service Officer

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Summary of Functions

The general function of the position within the organization is to assist VAC Veteran Service Officers while learning the role and responsibilities of the same position. The AVSO must be able to obtain the knowledge necessary to pass the US Department of Veterans Affairs OGC accreditation test within one year of hiring in order to maintain employment. Furthermore, this position is to be considered a temporary one whereas, upon successful OGC accreditation, along with 1 year of gainful employment within the VAC, the AVSO will be promoted to VSO (at the discretion of the Superintendent of the VAC).

Work Hours

The VAC observes a minimum of 13 paid holidays, paid vacation, paid personal days, paid sick leave, and paid medical appointment time. The standard work week is Monday – Friday, 830am to 430pm. You are allowed flexible breaks throughout the day and a 1 hour lunch break from 12-1pm.


Non-credentialed candidates begin as an Associate Veteran Service Officer (AVSO), graduating to a Veteran Service Officer (VSO) after completion of all training and certifications (typically 9-12 months). Provisions in starting salary are made to account for candidates with substantial relevant work history and/or degrees. Annual cost-of-living and performance raises are standard.

AVSO starting salary – $35k-$42k

VSO starting salary – $44k-$53k



Competitive Salary

The VAC believes in the living wage and have devised realistic starting salaries along with annual raises.

Health & Dental

The VAC offers high quality, employer-subsidized health and dental plans.


The VAC participates in the well-respected Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund to secure your future.

Paid Vacation

The VAC offers ample paid vacation, paid holidays, paid medical, and paid personal days. 

Opportunity for Advancement

The VAC believes in the military concept of training everyone for every job in preparation for the next step.


Due to the nature of VAC funding, your job is stable and secure. This is a career, not a job!

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