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Just like when you were in the military, we’re a team and we’ll be there every step of the way.

Veterans serving Veterans. It’s not just our motto, it’s our way of life.

Job Openings

Job Openings

Executive Administrative Assistant 

Reporting to 2803 Old Rochester Rd., Ste. A., Springfield, IL 62703

This position represents the heart of the VAC. The admin is responsible for smooth office operations with a heavy emphasis on client interactions ranging from in-person, to phone, to online. This position is responsible for managing up to two other full-time employees, Work Study helpers, and Volunteer Drivers. In addition, the Executive Admin will manage VAC social media profiles, assist in medical legal research, and compile routine reports.

Veteran Service Officer 

Reporting to 2803 Old Rochester Rd., Ste. A., Springfield, IL 62703

A Veteran Service Officer is a Federally-accredited, highly-trained advocate for his/her fellow Veterans. VSOs must have a passion to go the extra-mile when assisting Veterans in obtaining VA benefits. On-going education is a persistent feature of this role along with the ability to independently problem-solve via research. Through effective time-management, the VSO assists in obtaining VA healthcare, VA disability, VA dependent, VA funeral, and other benefits. This position is intended as a career role with appropriate training and compensation to match.


Reporting to 2803 Old Rochester Rd., Ste. A., Springfield, IL 62703

The Superintendent is the County’s Chief Advocate for Veterans and their immediate families or survivors to ensure receipt of benefits available from the US Department of Veterans Affairs, State and Local Benefits, and other Federal Benefits. The Superintendent has authority over all operations of the VAC and its programs including but not limited to: representing the VAC before the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA), Veterans Health Administration (VHA), legislators, and other elected/appointed officials to ensure concerns of the Veteran community and VAC are effectively presented and acted upon; work with certifying agencies to qualify VAC staff for cross-accreditation beyond what is offered by the National Association of County Veterans Service Officers; negotiating with Federal, State, and Local agencies to establish memorandum of understanding or the like for services / assistance beneficial to Veterans and/or their family members, full budget authority, development and implementation of training for staff & volunteers, negotiate contracts, apply for grants and ensure proper reporting; and, developing and providing reports describing the activities in a manner that is understandable by the public. Develops and approves programs, rules, and guidelines to meet Commission, client, community, and employee needs or responsibilities. Communicates with people within and outside the VAC to identify the needs of the Veteran community, what services or assistance can be developed based on community and VAC culture and legal ability, develop programs and services, and create strategies to promote the program / service to the Veteran community and the public. Makes decisions that affect the VAC’s direction and its employees including but not limited to: creation and implementation of programs and services based on the changing needs of the Veteran community; phasing out or restructuring existing programs that are not meeting VAC goals or expectations; and employee hiring or disciplining.

Transportation Specialist

Reporting to 2803 Old Rochester Rd., Ste. A., Springfield, IL 62703, Peoria VA CBOC, Decatur VA CBOC, Bloomington CBOC

Give back to those who have served in a real and tangible way. Volunteer to transport Veterans to and from VA medical appointments. You must have a valid Driver’s License and provide proof of insurance to demonstrate you are insurable. Vehicles and fuel are provided by the VAC.

Student Work Study

Reporting to 2803 Old Rochester Rd., Ste. A., Springfield, IL 62703

The VA Work Study Program is a designed to provide extra income to Veterans, Spouses, and College-age children who are use VA Education benefits. The idea is simple; complete schoolwork while you work and get paid! Our program offers a great deal of flexibility where you can set your own hours. 

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