Since I posted an article discussing the Congressional Budget Office proposal to sever a large percentage of Veteran disability benefits, it’s been brought to my attention that the Washington Post has also flown their anti-Veteran colors while demonstrating a fundamental lack of understanding into both the purpose of VA Disability, and the real-world impact of its application.

At present, I lack the time to go into this subject in detail, however, my points made in my previous article concerning the CBO proposal are perfectly applicable, which you can read here. Instead of a point-by-point replay in this article, my purpose of posting this is to again, to make Veterans and their supporters aware of the ignorance and anti-Veteran sentiment present in our country today.

What can you do about all of this? Read my earlier article, research for yourself, and then contact the Editors of the Washington Post to express your own opinion and displeasure by contacting them here or by calling the Post at 1-800-477-4679. More importantly, be sure to spread the word and let your Congressional representatives know your displeasure with this disturbing push to abandon America’s service-disabled Veterans.

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